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By Johannes Hayer
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Next.js, Shadcn, Supabase, Auth.js
Cannabis Social Club Management Platform

Bubatz Club Manager: SaaS Platform for Cannabis Social Clubs

Bubatz Club Manager is an open-source Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed specifically for Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) in Germany. It streamlines administrative tasks to help clubs focus on their core activities. Key features include:

  • Member Management: Track and manage club members efficiently.
  • Financial Tracking: Monitor revenues and expenses with detailed reports.
  • Automated Reports: Generate performance and compliance reports.
  • Compliance Documentation: Ensure legal compliance with necessary documentation.
  • Plant Management: Oversee the lifecycle of cannabis plants, from growth to yield.

Technology Stack:

  • Next.js 14: A modern web application framework.
  • Auth.js: The new Next Auth Version for authentication & authorization.
  • Supabase: Real-time backend database.
  • Tailwind CSS: For responsive and sleek UI design.
  • Shadcn: Interactive UI components.
  • Zod: Data validation and type safety.
  • Drizzle ORM: Simplifies database interactions.

For more details and to get started, visit the GitHub repository

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