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Next.js, Supabase, Python, Whisper(OpenAI)
Get more out of educational videos and podcasts with the help of AI. Lets interact with the content instead of just consuming it.
SupaLearner UI

Introducing SupaLearner, the knowledge club that aims to revolutionize the way we learn. With the power of the latest Whisper API technology, SupaLearner transcribes educational videos to build a comprehensive knowledge database that members can access and contribute to.

As a member of SupaLearner, you will use the GPU Power of your PC to transcribe videos. From there you create keynotes of that transcript. By doing so, you not only solidify your own learning experience, but also contribute to the growth of the knowledge database for other members to benefit from.

With SupaLearner, you will no longer forget what you learned in a video shortly after watching it. By interacting with the text and creating summaries and keynotes, you enhance your learning experience and retain knowledge for a longer period.

SupaLearner is not a business to make profit. It is a community of people who want to learn more efficiently and share their knowledge with others. Still we have costs to cover. Therefore we will charge a small membership fee of 5€ per month. This will cover the costs of the server and the development of the platform. If you are a student, you can get a 50% discount on the membership fee.

Join the SupaLearner community today and become part of a revolutionary way of learning.

- [ ] Making SupaLearner Open Source
- [ ] Creating Wizard Component for transcribe/learning process. 1) Transcribe (automatically), 2) Create Keynotes/Summary, 3) Questions and Answers from the Text
- [ ] Create searching -- search for a given text and find the related videos to a topic
- [ ] Connect with ChatGPT Api to create first craft of keynotes/summary of transcripts

Stay Tuned

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